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In Workpark, you can create and send quotations to your clients already in the system. Once a quotation is created it is automatically emailed to your client. Who can then view it using a public link without the need to log in.

Your client can choose to Accept or Decline the offer.

While Decline is a single click, to accept upon clicking the "Accept" button the client needs to fill in the details such as:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • And draw a Digital Signature

Create a Quotation

From your Workpark dashboard, you can head over to the Quotes area under the Finance section.

Click "Create Quote".

One-Click Convert Quote to Invoice

Once a quotation has been accepted by a client it is automatically converted to an invoice.

However, it can be converted to an invoice by you or your team as well. 

To convert a quote into an invoice. Go to Finance > Quotes

From the options menu select "convert to invoice" against the quote you wanted to convert. That's it!

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