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You can easily bill your clients and get paid online. 

To set up your online payments go to Settings > Payment Settings. 

Choose the payment gateway you would like to connect with and enter your required credentials. While the process differs for each gateway but in general they require secret keys, webhooks, and client id (in case of Paypal). You may also have to generate webhooks such as for Stripe and enter them in the Workpark under the relevant payment gateway settings. These can be found in your payment gateway dashboard settings. 

In addition, most payment solution providers offer a sandbox (test) environment to test your entire integration before actually going live.

Supported providers: Paypal, Stripe, Mollie and Paystack
At any given time you can have Paypal plus any One from Stripe, Mollie and Paystack as active

Once your payment gateway is integrated your payment options will appear automatically in your invoices.

When your client visits the public link of the invoice they can click the "Pay invoice" button and fill in their payment details in the popup. The entire payment process runs on the same invoice page without any redirects. Once the payment is completed, a confirmation message will be displayed and the status of the invoice will be changed to "Paid". 

Clients can also choose to pay partially.

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