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When you login for the first time there is an onboarding sequence to help you get through the basic configurations right away. However, if you want to explore and get familiar with the platform first you can skip all the steps and move on to your dashboard.

To help you with your transition we have divided the onboarding into three key areas.

Organization Setup

Setting basic organization details. Set initial roles and permissions reflecting the hierarchy of your organization

Financial Setup

Setting your codes for invoices, quotes, connecting your payment services provider, setting currency etc

Team Setup

Setup policies relating to clock-ins/clock-outs, hourly payments, leaves, salary components etc


White labeling is offered only on select few offers. If you happen to have this option then there will be a final section to setup your domain, logos and colors on this step.

All the settings ensure that your organization is correctly setup. You can proceed by inviting your team members and move your business operations to Workpark

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