Managing Employee and Client Account Access

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Invite Team Members & Clients

There is actually no way to invite a team member or a client to Workpark platform.

When you add an employee in the HR module, that automatically creates a user account for him/her under your company and the credentials are automatically emailed to the email address submitted in the "Add employee" form.

Similarly, when you add a client in the system, a client account under your company is created for them, allowing them to login to the client portal.

Temporarily Restrict Access

In the case of clients, if you Do Not wish to allow access to the client portal, you can always choose to do so for each client either when adding a new client.

Alternatively, if you had previously given access to a client or an employee and want to restrict it now then you can choose to edit the specific client or employee and update his/her password to something different and make sure "Send credentials" is set to "No".

Lead Access

Clients and leads are treated differently in Workpark. A lead can be converted to a client, however, until then lead is just a record in the system and cannot log in as a user in your client portal.

Overall there is no additional step for employees or clients to signup, they can directly sign in using the credentials emailed to them and start collaborating with you!

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