How to conduct Zoom Meetings within Workpark

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Last Update 2 years ago

Zoom meetings brings you the power and flexibility of a Zoom video call right into your Workpark Dashboard. The seamless integration lets you schedule, conduct and host zoom meetings without any hassle. It's infact simpler to schedule and conduct it than the Zoom app itself.

It works just like it's native to Workpark. There is no sign up, no logins or connection required.

For a video call, all you need is to simply click the Video conference button then click on "Create meeting". Here yo ucan name your meeting and enter all the same details as in a general meeting and then choose additional options such as:

  • Host and participant video to be either on or off on launch
  • Choose a meeting host
  • and you're done!

And the best part is that you, your team members and even client do not need an individual Zoom account or even the app. They can simply visit the Video Conference section and join the meeting they want to. The experience is completely seamless and once the meeting starts it takes over the Workpark window and you can enjoy all the standard Zoom features such as screen sharing, host controls etc.

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