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To understand how data flows and how access are provided in your account, it is crucial to understand the structure of an company in Workpark.

The Company is the container of your entire account. All the data and people are assigned to your company.

Under your company, there are two main role types and their accesses and interfaces work accordingly.

Types of roles:

  • Admin
    Administration role assigned automatically to all the company employees, managers, and the business owner or the CEO. When you sign up for your account and whenever you add a new employee, the admin role is automatically assigned. The only exception is the person signing up for the Workpark account, he will be considered as the account owner and the account as well as its data is considered his/her's property.

    You can always create custom roles and all the custom roles will be treated as a sub-category of the Admin role type.

  • Client
    Client role is only assigned to all your clients added under your CRM. They only have access to the Client Portals and can collaborate with your team from there.

    The exception here is the "lead" unless a lead is converted to a client it remains just a record in your data but once you click "convert to client" a client user account is automatically created for the lead giving them access to the Client portal. 

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